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So, how do I use this site?

The site currently has three features - Explore, Upsets Viewer, Seed Visualizer. To use any of these three features, select a tournament from the home page and navigate to the appropriate page for the feature. Features summarized:

How often are events and sets refreshed?

Our script currently has events from 2022-01-01 to 14 days forward from today. Events are refreshed hourly - alongside their entrants. Only events with 10 or more entrants are captured.
Active events, or events starting in the next 24 hours, will have their sets updated every 3 minutes.

I have a tournament much farther in advance that I'd like you guys to track. Is there any way about this?

Of course - Contact us, and we can work something out.

Some data is incorrect. Can I report this?

Yes! Please let us know if we're missing anything.

I have a feature request or a bug report. Where can I reach you?

Find us by Twitter at @SmashExplorer or Discord at SmashExplorer.

How is this application hosted?

Smash Explorer is entirely hosted on Azure!